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We are the only producers of Customised Outboard Covers in the UK. (The rest come from China or further afield) We have bespoke model-specific covers available for our customers. We make use of cutting-edge technology and old school craftmanship in order to produce the best covers for our customers. Our outboard covers are meant to protect the engine while you are boating. They will also fit the engine perfectly as they are designed specifically for the engine of your boat. The products are also incredibly  durable, by design and can deal with all kinds of weather conditions.

You will be able to get into the sea with enhanced confidence by opting for our products. It is also quite easy to order our products. Our delivery services are quite reliable and we will get your product delivered to your doorstep in no time at all. Our outboard motor covers are meant to protect your outboard motors in all conditions even when they are in use. You can also get your covers personalised from us. You just need to send us your custom print and artwork and we will get the personalisation done for you in the most unique way.

It fits, it works, and it protects. ‘We’ve got you covered’.

Premium Outboard Engine Propeller Bag for 50-200 HP

Abrasion resistant Polyester fabric, waterproof, breathable material, incorporating a drainage hole at base of cover. UV resistance guaranteed for 12 months.